William Carter


Will established the Cayman-based xx team responsible for original research in consensus and blockchain solutions. He earned a BS in Computer Science, with honors, from California Polytechnic State University. As a student, he did research in FPGA and GPU accelerated computer vision at NASA JPL.  At Parsons Corporation, he helped manage engineering projects with $200M+ budgets, in partnership with Raytheon and the US Air Force. 

Will joined David Chaum’s optics research lab in 2013 and was responsible for optical modeling and for exploring and prototyping laser and holographic designs for high performance headworn displays.  He also led productization of low-cost, high performance 4k cinematic headset.  He developed the original business case for xx network with Chaum and has been part of the executive team since founding.  In addition to leading the xx consensus software development team, Will has led the design and implementation of the xx approach to tokenomics, staking and governance.  

David Chaum

Founder and CEO

Richard T. Carback III, PhD

Chief Cryptographer

Jim Dolbear

Chief Strategy Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Benjamin Wenger

Chief Engineer