The xx Foundation

is a registered Cayman foundation company formed in April 2022.


The xx Foundation board is made up of 3 directors only one of who can be a United States citizen. Currently all three board members live in the Cayman Islands. One is a professional Cayman independent director. One is an expert in DAO and crypto compliance. One is a core software developer for the xx network.


The xx Foundation is legally chartered to focus on supporting the xx network through backing community efforts in holding physical and virtual events, dapp development, competitions, research, hackathons and partnerships.

xx Governance

Control of the core software that is run by xx nodes and that underpins the xx network is vested in xx onchain governance that is ultimately controlled by and voted on by xx coinholders. The xx Foundation is a support organization as laid out in its charter.

Our Community

The xx Foundation supports the right to transfer value when and as needed and the right to control one’s own data and personal information. We believe that online communication applications should be private, secure, and accessible to everyone.