The Foundation provides a service to the community of listing and providing access to key players within the xx network. You can find here the various teams and groups that support the xx network.

xx foundation

William Carter


Ramona Tudorancea


Campbell Law


Jim Dolbear


Aaron Welwood


FOG (Foundation Operating Group)

FOG is a subsidiary of the xx foundation responsible for promoting the development and growth of the xx network and its community.


Bernardo Cardoso

Software Architect

Baltasar Aroso

Lead Full Stack Engineer

Mário Yaksetig


Mathieu Bertin

Full Stack Engineer

Jakub Pelka

Systems administrator

Comms & Marketing

Artemis Aliaj

Client Relations

Keith Millette

Technical Community Manager

Robbie Schubert

Comms & Marketing

Aaron Welwood

Comms & Marketing

xx Community Leaders

Community Council Leaders of the xx network.


Privategrity is a private organization dedicated to building and forwarding the xx network. The Foundation works with Privategrity to bring its plans to fruition.

Executive Team

David Chaum

Founder of xx network

Jim Dolbear

Chief Strategy Officer
Co-founder of xx network

Benjamin Wenger

Chief Engineer
Co-founder of xx network


Richard T. Carback III, PhD

Senior Engineer, Cryptographer, Independent Contributor
Co-founder of the xx network

Ahmed Shehata

Mobile Engineering Manager

Celia Black

Director, Global Communications

Paul Hynek

Internal Advisor


Jacob Taylor

Sr DevOps & Backend Eng

Joshua Brooks

Backend Engineer

Jonah Husson

Backend Engineer

Jono Wenger

Backend Engineer & Ops

Sydney Anne Erickson

Lead Systems Admin

Bruno Muniz

iOS Engineer

Kamal Bramwell

Android Engineer

Dariuz Rybicki

Sr. iOS Engineer

Eduarda Loureiro

Mobile QA Tester


Anthony Fuqua

Multimedia Director

Jessica Fernández