The Foundation supports fundamental cryptographic research in areas critical to driving progress in the performance and useability of decentralized networks, blockchain technology and privacy platforms including supporting discoveries in digital signatures, consensus protocols, mix networks and MPC and smart contract computing.


Private User Discovery

A new user discovery protocol that minimizes information disclosed to the system in anonymous communication systems.

W-OTS(+) Up my Sleeve [w/ IOHK/Cardano]

Integration of quantum-resistant signatures into existing cryptocurrency wallets which creates a fallback mechanism in the event of an attack on legacy signatures.

Tweakable Sleeve [w/ IOHK/Cardano]

Improved version of original Sleeve (a mechanism to integrate a quantum-secure fallback into existing cryptocurrency wallets). This work provides a cleaner and more modular construction.

E-Cash 2.0

A reference CBDC implementation that features support for macroeconomic policy-making based on transaction trends combined with unprecedented privacy.

Votexx (Submitted, waiting for potential acceptance) [w/ many academic powerhouse names]

Novel voting scheme that meets the security and privacy challenges of remote and online voting including addressing the threat of manipulation through vote selling.

xx Foundation grant program

This program has been released to support continued work to make blockchain technology faster, more secure, more reliable and more private.