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Welcome to the future of privacy and freedom.

Be part of a community dedicated to private and secure communication for all. The xx movement is a diverse group of people from around the globe that care about protecting personal data from bad actors. Together, we can support a world where privacy is an inalienable right for everyone.

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The full suite of xx network tech makes it easier than ever to connect with other like-minded individuals across the decentralized ecosystem. Send secure messages on xx messenger and complete transactions on the xx network, all while knowing your metadata is safe from third parties. The future of privacy is calling–join us to reshape what this looks like in the tech world.

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We’ve built powerful tools to help you use the xx network. Whether you want to see real time mixnet metrics, access blockchain transaction history, or use your xx coins to stake or vote in the network, we’ve got you covered.


Visit the cMix dashboard to see nodes processing messages in real time while checking statistics on their performance, uptime, and network throughput.


Navigate through the block explorer to learn more about xx network blockchain and to inspect on-chain data, such as transfers, votes and staking activity.


Use the official web-based wallet app to create quantum-ready wallets, stake your xx coins, and vote on network issues.

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