xx Grant Program

The xx Foundation is pleased to announce a new grant program focused on building out digital communications for Web3. The first grant was to CO2 labs in March 2022 to build an ESG reporting platform in partnership with major mineral mines around the world as part of the Foundation’s support for projects that promote social good. Now additional grant monies have been allocated for continued work on xx network infrastructure as well as development of user-facing tools and dApps including the upcoming block explorer. The Foundation is also committed to supporting fundamental cryptographic research.


Part of the xx Foundation initiative is the commitment of up to 10,000,000 xx coins to developers building privacy dApps on the xx network with integration into the xx messenger ecosystem. By integrating development,  the over 50,000 xx users (and growing) will be able to immediately access a suite of communication tools all from their single, pseudonymous identity.


Developers are encouraged to put forth their own ideas for dApps that leverage the xx network’s unique technology.  We’ve also outlined a number of initial concepts that fit well into the platform and are available for developers to apply for.  Examples include a decentralized town square with twitter like functionality, a pirate radio app which allows users to privately broadcast to a subscribed audience, and a tunneling feature which allows any blockchain wallet and user to add metadata protection to their transactions by routing through the xx cMix layer, the most private and decentralized communications network in the world.  


Interested developers should review the published guidelines here and submit a proposal for implementation. To assist with the application process, the cMix Team has prepared xxDK documentation as well as a technical definition for each concept. Members of the original xx network development team will be involved as advisors for these grants, providing support and advice as the projects progress as well as advising the Foundation on milestones. We can’t wait to see what new ideas you come up with and we look forward to joining you all in this exciting new phase of the xx network.