New xx explorer released

Today, the Foundation is excited to release the new xx network explorer that was announced last month! This is your one-stop shop for all things mainnet. It provides a comprehensive view of the xx network, including token economics metrics, staking information, and data on all on-chain transactions and events.

Find it here:

The goal of this explorer was to provide users with an easy-to-use interface to explore blockchain data and transaction information. We hope this explorer will grow based upon user feedback to better accommodate needs and give greater access to everything users want to be part of the xx network.

The explorer is backed by a database of all transactions on the xx network. This allows users to easily view their own transaction history as well as detailed information about all on-chain transactions.

The old explorer is sticking around to become the xx network wallet, and is still the tool  for xx coin transfers and governance, staking, nominating, and validating transactions. 

Find it now at:

We think this explorer will be a valuable asset to both new and old xxers and will help bring the xx network into the next phase!