Privacy Grants Applications are Live

The xx Foundation is launching a special grants initiative to jumpstart the construction of privacy protecting dApps using the xxDK. The goal of this program is to build a rich ecosystem of privacy preserving dApps which work with and alongside the xx messenger. The Elixxir team will be involved as advisors for every grant project at this stage, providing support and advice as the projects progress, as well as advising the Foundation on milestones.  

All interested developers are welcome to apply for one of these grants. To assist with the application process, the Elixxir Team has prepared the xxDK, a sample iOS app (showing off shielded help) which talks to two types of sample servers (Standard Connection and Restlike)well as documentation on iOS implementations, and documentation on server implementations – with more coming.  

The Grant Program is live and are ready to be awarded now.


The Elixxir team has put together the following RFPs which the Foundation is publishing as targets for this application program. 

Private Communication – Apps designed to allow for private person to person communication

Private Social Media – Apps designed to allow people to interact socially while maintaining their privacy

Privacy Shielding – Apps designed to allow users to access the non private internet while maintaining their privacy

Cryptocurrency and Finance – Apps which allow users to interact with cryptocurrency or finance applications while maintaining their privacy. Currently, the Elixxir team is focused on integrating payments functionality into the xx messenger. The whitepaper can be found here.

Shielded Help Services– Apps designed to allow for private person to person communication (connected to back-end help desk that can guide you to ensure your safety and privacy). An RFP for a reference implication can be found here, but the Foundation is looking for projects which will provide services in the following areas:

  • WhistleBlower 
  • Reproductive Health Advice
  • Civil Rights Defense
  • Intimate Partner

The Foundation is looking for partner organizations to build out a suite of services for a variety of causes. If you are interested in partnering, please email 

Secure Games – Online games that maintain privacy

Applications Process

Application Submission

The program will award individual grants of up to  1,000,000 xx coins each from an initial pool of  10,000,000xx. The Foundation is looking for both experienced and new developers to build out the unique platform offered by the xx network.

When applying, an applicant will fill out a two part application. The two sections are:

  • Public component – There is a different public component per type but in general this describes the project to the community in a simple and well laid out manner and gives an overview of the background of the development team applying for the grant.
  • Private Applicant information – Applicants will fill out detailed information about themselves and their team. This will only be shared with the Foundation and its advisors.

Applicants should, in general, follow the provided templates, but feel free to go off script in order to best convey the proposal – including diagrams, graphs, survey data, and potentially code examples or pseudocode

To submit a grant application please email your completed application with both components in separate documents to

We will accept .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .pdf files.

Public Application Review

Initial Screening

The Foundation will make an effort to either post or respond to all applicants within 1 week (7 days) of application submission. The Foundation may inform the applicant of improvements before publishing, giving the applicant the option to improve it. If the applicant wants it published as is, the Foundation will do so with a warning that the posting was against advice. If the applicant revises the application, that will create a new 7 day screening period.  

Public Comment

Once screened, the public comment will be posted to the xx forum for a comment period of 2 weeks. During these two weeks the community and xx Foundation Advisors will review the application. 

xx Foundation Advisors will also review the private component of the applications, potentially reaching out to the applicants for further information. The advisors will independently provide their own assessment of the application as a public comment by the end of the 2 week period.  

Foundation Decision

Taking into consideration both community and advisor feedback, the Foundation will have 1 week (7 days) from the end of the comment period to make a decision about the application. 

In the decision, the Foundation will publicly announce the total award, the grant milestones, and the award schedule. It may differ from the requested amount, but the Foundation is expected to inform the applicant if they significantly diverge during the screening process.  

The Foundation may accept, reject, or publish more questions about the application. If the Foundation publishes questions, the 7 days decision clock will restart once the applicant answers the questions.  

If the Foundation rejects an application, it may provide feedback as to how it can be resubmitted at a later date with a higher chance of success.  

The Foundation reserves the right to change this process at any time.

Milestones and Disbursement schedule

The Foundation generally uses the following disbursement schedule:

50% will be awarded at completion with each milestone awarding an equal share of the remaining 50%

Applicants may suggest alternate schedules but should be prepared to provide reasoning for their schedules.  All coins will be awarded with a 1 year lockup.  


There may be KYC/AML and residence requirements for reception of grants. Requirements are subject to change without notice.